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Photography tips

Are you an artist interested in submitting a portrait? Do you need any pointers on how to photograph your finished piece? Denver artist and photographer Paul Gillis has provided the project with some basic guidelines:

Brief note on photographing art with camera or phone.

The first step is to make sure the light is even across the artwork. If the painting is glossy, place the light or lights to either side to eliminate glare. If using multiple lights make sure the lights are the same color temperature, i.e. daylight balanced or warm incadescentIf lighting indoors is poor, take the piece outside; the sun is the biggest, evenest light available. You can get side lighting by moving the artwork relative to sun.


The second step is to center the camera on the artwork as much as you can to avoid distortion. This will save time later when you process the image on computer or smart phone.

Thirdly, when you have your shot, you can crop, resize, get rid of distortion, and adjust color using the image processor in your phone or computer. Here is a good tutorial by photographer Andy Feliciotti on how to edit images on your iPhone or Android devise using a free app called Snap Seed. Snap Seed for iOS; Snap Seed for Android

Learn more about Paul's work here in a review of one of his exhibits. 

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